Monday, July 26, 2021

Put on a Damn Mask !

Put on a Damn Mask, yes i Said it. 2020 was the Year from Hell, 2021 is turning into Part 2 . Why? Because people are to self absorbed to do 1 simple task. Put on a Damn mask. Not just for your family, your neighbors, for the women you come in contact with that has a child with cancer, how bout for yourself. The selfishness in this country is disgusting. Karen's and Kevin's more concerned with there racism and bias and following there puppet master (Trump) than caring about there fellow citizens. How moronic is it your not wearing a mask or getting vaccinated because a rich white guy told you it was a hoax. Yet guess what folks the rich white guy all his cronies in Washington and his family got vaccinated. Why telling you to stick it to the man. How dumb are you really ?

Put on a Damn Mask. Imma say it again, weather you've been vaxed or not, at least follow a simple health guidelines, For you, your family and the people around you that are depending on you to not act like a Jack A** and show them some common decency.

I would like to get back to normal, whatever that is now. I would like to go in a store and feel safe. Take my kids to the park and not have to worry maskless Karen is going to come in our vicinity.

The Virus is increasing its number again what is this Surge #5. I don't know but its increasing and we are opening up everything. Go Maskless why don't you, even though there is a Delta variant and we aren't even sure the vaccines work against it, and while unvaccinated people are spreading it like gonorrhea.  Make it Make Sense...Please. 

Why are business asking employees to come back to work when its been proven that all these jobs in corporate America can be done at home. Why not keep your employees and there families safe until we actually have a hold on this virus and NO we don't right now.

I dont go out the house without a mask and I've taught my kids the same thing, lets be smart America. Masks have nothing to do with your freedom, wearing a mask is not about your rights. Masks are about safety not just for you, you might be fine, its about the vulnerable in society who might not. So when i see someone out without a mask I know 2 things about you. 1. your a selfish prick and 2. Your a selfish prick, well there the same thing but is all i need to know about you.  It should have never been made a political issue to begin with, but a rich selfish fool who wanted to stay in power made it one and the people of this country have suffered ever since. 

The Former President of this country the last president in my book prior to current president, Former President Barack Obama said clearly if you think a rich white guy who has never cared about a poor person or poor person issue in his life will change and start caring in his 70's I got a bridge sell you. I'm no where near as eloquent as him so i will just say your a damn fool. Why do rich keep getting richer while the poor and middle class stay stagnate , because they've convinced poor and middle class people to keep voting for there policies by giving you a wedge issue to fight against and they made masks a health issue your wedge issue.

So my message in this blog post today is simple, cut and dry. Don't be a Karen or Kevin, Dont be a tool and a selfish prick put on your damn mask !!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Stupidity of Racism

So many people were fooled to believe with the election of President Obama that some how racism was no more in america, but now with the rise of Donald Trump and his KKK rallies can there be any questions that we have not reached racial equality in this country. Donald Trump has brought out all the racist, sexist , anti gay, hate filled people of this country, The people that have hidden there racism in weeds now feel they have a spokesman for there hate feelings. people will vote against there own best interest over and over and why. The republican party for years has used wedge issues to get people to vote against there own best interest, care more about abortions, black people in your neighborhood, those immigrants that are supposedly taking your jobs and not pay attention to the fact that we are funneling all the money in this country to the top 1%, that we are shipping all the jobs overseas , so we can make more profits, or that cost of living has increased over the last 40 years , while your wages have been stagnant. Lyndon Johnson the former president of this country once said ""If you can convince the lowest white man he's better than the best colored man, he won't notice you're picking his pocket." Racism is a disease. A college professor much smarter than me once said racism is a sign of insanity. Its sad when you see Trump rallies that looked like KKK rallies from 1950 and its 2016.  Its sad when you allow your hate to make you vote for someone that you know is unqualified to be the Leader of the free world.  Its time people wake and stop letting these politicians use your stupidity and insanity to help lace there pockets. News Flash someone elses race,religion, what country they were born in, if the wears pants or a skirt or who they chose to love, will not effect your life or lets be real is any of  your damn business. People need to worry more about whats going on in there own glass house before they throw stones at the man down the street. You hear Trump at these Hate Rallies say how he is going to make this country great again, and the people cheering and shouting, Why... cause they understand the coded language " what he is really saying is "that he will make this country white again", When David Duke and the KKK endorse you, believe me those bigots are endorsing you for a reason. Sorry angry white people I hate to tell you this , but that is not going to happen, the U.S. Census Bureau now projects, that whites will be in the minority in this country by 2045. So to you racist, you have about 29 years to either get with program that this country is a diverse melting pot that is better when people of all cultures and backgrounds come together and work together or you can find a island somewhere and kick rocks because i can promise you all the sane people in this country wont miss your ass on the way out.